CRIPPLE BASTARDS / The outside world (5x 12” + 2 x CD + 2 Books / Box Set)

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CRIPPLE BASTARDS / The outside world (5x 12” + 2 x CD + 2 Books / Box Set)

イタリアングラインドコアの重鎮、CRIPPLE BASTARDSの7インチ音源、スプリット、コンプ収録曲、デモなどなど12インチLP 5枚、CD2枚、歌詞や写真、フライヤーなどを掲載した本2冊、362曲収録という凄まじいボックスレコードがバンド結成30周年を記念してリリース。

LP 1
A面 73曲収録
Split 7” with Violent Headache
Extra Tracks From The Same Session
Split 7” With W.B.I.
Extra Tracks From The Same Session
B面 27曲収録
“Life’s Built On Thoughts” 7”
Split 7” With Patareni
Patareni Covers Recorded At Michele’s Studio

LP 2
C面 27曲収録
Split 7” With Psychotic Noise
Split 7” With Senseless Apocalypse
Extra Session At Michele’s Studio (1994)
Song From “Use your voice vol. 1” Compilation
Song From “Mit Mir Ist Nicht Zu Rechnen” Comp. 7”
D面 19曲収録
Split 7” With Social Genocide
Patareni Covers From “Obrade” Comp. LP/CD
Agathocles Cover For “Kill Your Idols” Comp. CD
“Frammenti Di Vita” 7”

LP 3
E面 24曲収録
Split 7” With Carcass Grinder
Split 7” With Praparation-H
Split 7” With P.E.L.M.E.
Husker Du Covers For “Land Speed Sonic” Comp. CD
F面 21曲収録
5 Studio Tracks With GTB On Drums, 1997
“Massacrecore” Live 7”
Extra Live Tracks From Split 10” With Patareni

LP 4
G面 16曲収録
Split 7” With I.R.F.
Split 7” With World
Extra Tracks From The Same Session
Split 7” With Denak (Unreleased)
H面 15曲収録
Split 7” With Corrupted
“Il Grande Silenzio” 7”
Split 7” With Comrades

LP 5
I面 17曲収録
Unreleased Studio Tracks 2003
Split 6” With Looking For An Answer
Split 7” With Regurgitate
Demo For Split 7” With Regurgitate
“Senza impronte” 7”
Split 7” With Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition
Extra Track For “Slimewave” Comp. CD
Split 7” with Eyehategod

CD 1
Discarded Demo 1992
2 Songs With Drum Machine (1992)
Outtakes From “Life’s Built On Thoughts” Session
Split 10” With Capitalist Casualties
Live at El Paso, Torino 3/12/1994
Song From “Not Without A Fight” Comp. CD
GTB With Impact (From Split 10” with Patareni)
3 Unreleased Songs With 2 Piece Line-up In 1996
Outtakes From Demo 2000

CD 2
“Variante Alla Morte” Demo Recordings
Live aAt Obscene Extreme 2006, Trutnov, Czech Republic







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